Willoughby Waterleys Parish Council

Serving the people of Willoughby Waterleys

Who we are & what we do

Welcome to Willoughby Waterleys.

Your Parish Council is made up of five councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the Parish Council. As an elected body they are responsible to you, the people they represent. Attending a council meeting is the best way to find out what they do. Look in the Meetings Calendar to find dates for our public meetings.

Each year a sum of money called a 'precept' is collected through your council tax. This money is used by the Council to improve facilities and services for local people. We can also apply for grants and loans and, where we own property, can receive money from rents or leases. To date the Parish Council holds no assets or owns any property on its register.

So who are your Councillors:

We have our Chairman Phil Day of High Meadow, Main Street, Deputy Chairman Dr Arthur Lyons of Low Barn, Main Street, David Campbell-Kelly of No 1 Yew Tree Close and Emma Clanfield of No 3 Yew Tree Close.

We are urgently looking to recruit a further Councillor so if you would like any more information please contact the Chairman without delay.

County Councillor - Blake Pain of Bruntingthorpe

District Councillor - Neil Bannister

MP- Alberto Costa


Our councillors are all elected, if you would like to become a councillor or find out more about what they do then please click here.

Willoughby Waterleys has no individual committees - just a dedicated Parish Council to address all village matters.

Parish Clerk

Jacqueline Jackson

6 Swiftway
LE17 4PB
01455 207512
07808 529054